Izkhao is the name of a mischievous being who serves Maior, although sometimes reluctantly and always only when he chooses.

He often refers to fighting as being a game and has a noticeable stammer, which, if he is a spirit or bound Demon, marks him out as particularly unusual. He may be summoned by anyone who carries his brooch - which he would steal if he got the chance and thus free himself from bondage - and call his name.

Despite his mischievous joviality, when he was summoned by Maior during the sorcery filled duel against his brother Feior, he immediately became serious and incapacitated the Evil wizard, remarking afterwards: "I've a-a-always w-w-wanted to d-d-do that, m-m-master!"[1]

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  1. Black Vein Prophecy - ???

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