Jaiphrai Ah'cha (also Ah'Cha) was the "small man with slanted eyes" who led competitors into Baron Sukumvit's first Deathtrap Dungeon.[1]

After the Champion of the Labyrinth successfully completed The Walk in 283AC, Ah'cha oversaw an assassination attempt on the Champion's life, in a Sukumvit-sanctioned bid to retrieve the prize money given away by the humiliated Baron. Along with the fearsome Gumar Hunter and his Crocosaurus, Ah'cha pursued the Champion of the Labyrinth to the tower of the wizard, Badedas the Blue, where he killed Badedas and animated his corpse as a nasty undead surprise for the Champion and his adventuring companions. Ah'cha's plan failed when the Champion dispatched the undead Badedas Zombie, and he was last seen diving into one of Badedas's swirling bubble-baths, never to be seen again.[2]

Jaiphrai Ah'cha was also the author of the book Teach Yourself Demon-summoning.[3] It seems that Jaiphrai Ah'cha was one of the identities of the Riddling Reaver, although whether or not this was always the case is unknown.[4]

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