Jamut Mantrapper was a well-known and skilled mercenary who was hired by Chadda Darkmane during the Trolltooth Wars to help him find the wizard Zagor.

Early LifeEdit

Little is known of Mantrapper save that he was educated by the priests of Silverton. He rose to prominence very quickly as an adventurer mercenary, as did his price.

Exploits Prior to the Trolltooth WarsEdit

As an adventurer mercenary he was famed for his sword and his honour although his morality was questionable. He once swindled by Shareella the Snow Witch, after capturing the "meddling explorer" Harlak Erlisson. It is also rumoured that it was Mantrapper who slit the throat of Shannack, overpriest of Zengis, despite his 100 guards. He was even credited with the death of the fabled Sea Ogre of Port Blacksand that for a time plagued merchant ships for Lord Varek Azzur.

Mantrapper and the Trolltooth WarsEdit

Mantrapper and Darkmane met in Shazâar, where Darkmane's quick reflexes saved Jamut's life, by cutting off the hand of an assassin. This action caused Jamut to rescind his fee of 300GPs and work for free. It was Jamut who advised Darkmane to visit Gereth Yaztromo for help, as the two had known each other for some time, ever since the mercenary had been forced to spend the night in the tower with a surly Dwarf maid who had run away from home. However, this visit would eventually prove to be his undoing. Jamut had been blackmailed into serving Zharradan Marr, his service in exchange for the life of the woman he loved, and his ultimate mission was to ensure the death of Zagor.

This mission was nearly successful, as Jamut encountered the Iron Cyclops in the heart of Firetop Mountain, and after seeking to steal the Eye of the Cyclops, his life was saved by Darkmane again. Jamut first attempted to use the Orukk Dagger purchased from Yaztromo against Zagor, although the magical blade killed Darkmane's Chervah manservant instead of the wizard. He later attempted to use the Eye of the Cyclops against Zagor, but was stopped by Darkmane, who had realised the truth behind Jamut's motives - he had aimed the Orukk Dagger at the Chervah, for it was enchanted never to miss its target.

As the two confronted each other, Zagor seized the Eye of the Cyclops and retreated to his inner sanctum, where he somehow managed to deactivate its crippling effect on him and return in time to save Darkmane from being struck by the Orukk Dagger himself, reversing it so that it killed Jamut instead. The fate of Jamut's love remained unknown, although the question of whether or not she was ever truly Marr's prisoner is similarly unanswered.

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