Jean Lafayette
skill 7-13
stamina 14-24
luck 7-12
Preferred Weapon (see below)
Known associates Gerry the Grass
Race/Species (Super) Human
Gender Male/Female[1]
Equipment Crimewatch

Jean Lafayette, also known as the Silver Crusader, is the hero of Appointment with F.E.A.R. and Deadline to Destruction.

They are the product of a dangerous - but successful - genetic experiment. Although seemingly normal as a child, it became apparent in their early teens that they were far from ordinary human being. They are gifted with superpowers, that they have sworn to use only for the benefit of their fellow humans. Only their parents, now both dead, know their identity, while they are well known to the population of Titan City with the name of the "Silver Crusader".[2]

Jean Lafayette has a regular job in a mid-sized company and becomes the Silver Crusader only when duty calls and an extra hand against crime is needed in Titan City.[3]

The Silver Crusader can have one of the following four super-powers:

Besides their superpower, the Silver Crusader has also the Crimewatch, a little device worn around their wrist that can broadcast transmissions to and from their two most important allies: the police headquarters and Gerry the Grass, their friend and underworld contact.[4]

See AlsoEdit

Jean Lafayette also appears as the Silver Crusader in Vengeance at Midnight, a fan written Fighting Fantasy adventure by Alexander Ballingall, published online in issue 8 of Fighting Fantazine in 2012.[5]


  1. The first name of "Jean" was clearly picked so that readers could ascribe either gender to the hero.
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