John Goadby was the sculptor behind at least two of the Clarecraft Fighting Fantasy Ornaments.


Early LifeEdit

John Goadby is based in Bury St Edmunds. He trained at Stourbridge College of Art, Birmingham, where in 1981 he received a First class honours degree in Fine Art.[1]


He worked freelance for many years, and during the early 1990's did some pieces for Clarecraft. He later had a solo exhibition in 1999 called Expressions on Steel at the Gwyther Contemporary Gallery, Islington, London, and between 2000 and 2002 was part of a number of group exhibitions including:

Goadby said of his influences and work:

People always seem to be interested in an artists influences, if pushed to give names I would say I have enjoyed the work of Jackson Pollock, Antoni Tapies and a lot of the new breed of top end graphic artists and designers working in experimental moving image and animation. But the main influence on my work would be colour, the materials and physical process I go though in producing the work. Rhythms within rhythms, shapes within shapes and colours within colours. When I'm working it's more to do with the materials I'm using rather than a specific idea.[2]
Skull Bearer

The Skull Bearer ornament


Fighting Fantasy OrnamentsEdit

The Discworld-oriented pieces were Clarecraft's biggest selling line. However, John was asked to create some of the Fighting Fantasy related material also (Leigh Pamment making the majority). These included:

He may also have been responsible for:


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