Josef Van Richten (right) with his cohort Streng

Josef Van Richten is a ghost hunter who appears in Night of the Necromancer.

He is the brother of the Van Richten who appears in Howl of the Werewolf. Josef Van Richten is equipped with a means of capturing Evil spirits in bottles. He is, like his brother, convinced that all supernatural creatures are evil and dangerous, and will not hesitate to attack the player on those grounds alone.


  • His Skill and Stamina are 10 and 9 respectively, exactly the same as his brother's.
  • The two Van Richtens share a name - and a background with vampires - with Rudolph Van Richten, a character from the AD&D Ravenloft horror campaign setting, who is in turn a thinly veiled reference to Bram Stoker's figure from Dracula, Abraham van Helsing, and actor Peter Cushing's film portrayals of him.

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