Although Knights are common in the world of Titan, there is only one reference to Jousting in the whole of Fighting Fantasy canon.

This involves a group of Yigenik Knights who take part in a jousting tournament not far from Sharrabbas in Kazan.[1]

In Daggers of Darkness, the following rules are given for jousting with lances on horse-back:[2]

  1. Throw one die for each combatant
  2. The combatant with the highest score unhorses his/her opponent
  3. Although it is not stated, it may be assumed that the combatants must role again in the event of a tie
  4. The winner may choose to joust with another opponent, or may choose to retire from the competition
  5. The loser may not enter another contest
  6. The winner of any such contest wins 5GP

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