Juja is an ancient wizard.[1]

No one knows his real name or his parentage. He no longer lives on the Earthly Plane but in a magical plane that he does not leave physically. However, his mind is able to wander far and wide across the lands of Titan and thus his knowledge of the world is still great.

It is said that he once resided on Titan "when the world was young" and that he left Titan when the world became Evil. From this it is believed that the Juja was a wizard during the Godtime. Thus, he was a Human using magic before the First Battle. This would have been aided by the gods no doubt because at that time they wandered the lands of Titan also. It is believed that "when the world became Evil" refers to the time immediately after the First Battle. It seems that the Juja retreated to his magical plane perhaps to escape the effects of Time. This would explain his apparent immortality and great age. A companion of his at that time appears to have been a female sorceress named Vashti who also fled the world following the First Battle. It is not certain how many such ancient users of magic fled the world after Time was released. What appears to be true, however, is that the price for fleeing the world to escape the effects of Time is a huge constraint on ease of movement between Planes. Although safe in their own planes, these immortals face immediate peril if they try to leave. Adventurers have visited both the Juja and Vashti on noble quests to seek their aid. To reach the Juja, one must travel into the heart of Marsh Vile in north-east Khul.

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