Julek Heller is an artist whose work appeared in the original publication of Out of the Pit.


Early LifeEdit

Julek Heller studied art at the Chelsea College of Art and the Royal Academy.


His career as an illustrator began in the mid-1970's, working on a children's television program for the BBC. After that he focussed primarily on children's books and continues to do so.

He is especially well known for his skill at bringing myths and legends vividly to life.[1]


Other Fighting FantasyEdit

Julek Heller's work within Fighting Fantasy is limited to his contribution to Out of the Pit, in the original A4 version only. He was commissioned to illustrate two of the eight full colour plates that accompanied that volume (the only artist to do more than one). His plates were the Dracon and the Night Demon.

Interior Illustrator

See AlsoEdit


  1. Powell's Books - Robinson Crusoe (DK Eyewitness Classics)

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