The Justrali are one of the more successful attempts by the Caarth to create new reptilian life, and are believed to form the backbone of their military.[1]

Collectively known as the Serpent Guard, they are disconcerting beings, with a humanoid upper torso perched atop a thick Snake body and tail. The head of a Justrali is distinctly serpentine also, with large eyes and wide, fang-filled mouths; and they are entirely covered with scales.

Whilst nowhere nearly as intelligent as their masters, they are smart enough to be given relatively complex orders, which can even extend as far as being permitted a minor level of initiative if stationed far from immediate supervision. A Justrali is much stronger than a typical human and is utterly fearless in combat, wielding all manner of weaponry with great skill. Unlike their masters, the Justrali do not coat their weapons in poison, and are known to lack any means of producing their own venom.

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