Kabaal is a city of Amarillia, located on the Blood Bay [1][2].

Geography Edit

Several quarter may be identified in the city. Among them, they are :

  • the Centaur Quarter, where outcast Centaurs (mainly scholar and sages) [3],
  • a poor and ill-famed quarter in the south of the town [3],
  • the dockside [3],
  • a rich quarter of artisan and merchants in the east of the city, with a grand road, the Road of Silk, where the richest merchants and guild have their business [3][4].

Among notorious buildings, the gilded palace of the rules of the city, several high spires and the Colleges, where noble families from all Amarillia sends their young to get learned [3]. We can found some temples too, like a temple to Vorturne [5], and a temple to Shandalla, called the House of Shandalla, acting as a hospital [6].

Kabaal is linked to other Amarillian cities: Clawmouth to the south, and Pentras to the north, by the Bone Road [1]. It is possible to link the Crown Tower from Kabaal in two days, by the Crown Road [7].

Politics and Economics Edit

Kabaal is renowned to be a town of thiefs and was always ruled by despots of dubious loyalty. For instance, during the Demonwar, the leader of Kabaal, Count Reindrech did not fight alongside King Kraal at the Battle of Lake Faro [8].

Kabaal is a propsperous city, at least before the Demonwar. As a sign of wealth, the Golden Road is, as its name suggest, a road paved of gold, leading from the center of the town, to the waterfront [3].

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