Kabesh was once the capital of northern Khul.[1]

It was besieged and pulled apart by the forces of Chaos in the Great War and is now inhabited by ghosts of warriors and city folk.

At the turn of the seventeenth century Kabesh began to grow, expanding into and around the rocky outcrop against which it has been built. Under the rule of Khan Gyorgir it expanded until Kabesh was the capital city of an empire which stretched from Kalagar in the north to Tak in the south. The city was destroyed by the forces of Chaos in the Great War in 1998OT and its ruins lie three days south-west from Rahasta.

In Kabesh there can still be discerned a central square from where a visitor can make out many prominent features of the once great city. For instance the mausoleum; the old temple; the ruined coliseum; many ruined houses and warehouses; and the ruined senate house, known as the Pillastrium. Interestingly, faded gilt etchings on the façade of the Pillastrium still bear its name.

However, the ruined appearance of Kabesh not only shows the destruction of the forces of Chaos during the Great War. If one looks close enough there are signs of the subsequent occupation. For instance, below the letters on the senate house an arrow is sculpted. This arrow protrudes from the surface of the stone and points very slightly east of south from the senate house. This direction is to the entrance of the now abandoned Chaos Pits. This must have been a deliberate symbol for chaotic forces to follow, for the arrow had flames etched on the shaft, and was set inside a circle from which many asymmetric lines radiate; a symbol of Chaos. The old temple is another example of the occupation of Chaotic and Evil forces. Whatever ancient and long-forgotten deity it was built for is now unclear. However, now it is a place of Evil, corrupted perhaps by the conquering forces three hundred years ago.

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