Kalagar is a port in northern Khul, on the coast of the Sea of Silver.

Under the rule of Khan Gyorgir, the empire of Kabesh stretched from Tak in the south to Kalagar in the north.[1] Kalagar survived the Spawning of Chaos in Khul, as its presence on the map in Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World testifies,[2] and in the third century After Chaos it found itself at one end of a trade-route across the continent to Ximoran, via Ashkyos and Djiretta, along which metals, furs and ivory pass.[3]

Other than that we only have snippets of information on Kalagar. In Masks of Mayhem, the ruler of Arion may encounter a farmer with two Kalagarian Ridgeback guard dogs,[4] and in Phantoms of Fear the Elf shaman Eldenurin may meet travellers from Kalagar who are hoping "to escape the doom which the Kalagarian prophet Vanator has foretold for the world".[5]

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