Kaland Játék Kockázat
Kaland Játék Kockázat Issue 4
Location: Titan City and Space
Publication details
Editor(s): runner
Interior Illustrator(s): Peter Adamson
David Stevens
Cover illustrator(s): Nicholas Halliday
Published: December 14 2012
Previous Issue: #3 - December 2011
Next Issue: #5 - June 2013

Kaland Játék Kockázat Issue 4 is the 4th issue of an on-going web-based fan magazine dedicated to Fighting Fantasy. It was published in 2012 and was 74 pages in length.


The cover was previously used as the cover of the Wizard Books "Series 1" edition of House of Hell. The art was by Nicholas Halliday.


Deadline to Destruction originally appeared in issue 12 of Warlock while Prey of the Hunter first appeared in issue 3 of Fighting Fantazine. The interview with Jonathan Green comes originally from issues 1 and 2 of Fighting Fantazine while "The Fact of Fiction" about Appointment with F.E.A.R. is also from issue 1.

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