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Kareep is the god of Mice.[1]

Kareep like his brother the Rat King was drawn to the creation of small but versatile mammals. However, there are a number of traits that he does not share with his brother. For instance where the Rat King (as he is now known) is aggressive, Kareep is more retiring. Thus his creations were smaller than those of his brother. However, they are just as successful.

Kareep's nature is such that he most often has taken on a small form. This has, for the most part, kept him out of the affairs of the other deities and he goes unnoticed about his business. On one occasion it did cause problems, however. It is said that Suthis Cha once swallowed him whole due to an instinctive urge. This, however, was more calamitous for Suthis Cha because Kareep was able to force his way out causing Suthis Cha to transmogrify. For many centuries Suthis Cha was unable to take a solid form due to this encounter.

The episode with Suthis Cha won Kareep the admiration of many minor deities who still treat him as their leader. These deities created many small rodents in honour and imitation of Kareep. Hence the large number of Mice and Vole species. However, Kareep still defers to his brother and as such the Rat King is still considered "Lord of the Rodents" in the Animal Court.

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