The Shark-Kin, or Karkarus in their own language, are a deadly race of predators that have spotted throughout the seas south of Allansia, as well as reports of their adaptation and patrolling the sewers of Halak and Rimon in pursuit of Arantian Crocodile and ill-considered smugglers walking the sewers.[1]

At first glance they appear to be a peculiar strain of Merman, but if this is indeed the case then something must have gone terribly wrong! Unlike Mermen, who have heads and bodies that almost entirely Human, those of Karkari are far more similar to a Shark's, complete with lifeless black eyes and dorsal fin. They also possess legs, although there are no records of them actually coming onto land.

A Karkarus will typically attack with its savage claws and fangs, using its superior weight and size against its prey, although it may use a trident or other such weapon if hunting for the largest of prey or actively seeking out bands of Mermen or other intelligent beings. They are cunning and intelligent creatures, and have been known to ignore those fighting their enemies, waiting for one or the other to be wiped out before turning on their foolish "allies" and devouring them also. It is unknown whether or not normal Sharks are friendly or hostile to the Karkarus race.

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