Race/Species Human
Gender Female
(Second) Kauderwelsch Monster
skill 11[1]
stamina 14[1]
Number Encountered 1 (unique)

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For other uses of Kauderwelsch, see Kauderwelsch

One of the infamous Kauderwlesch family,[2] Doktor Kauderwelsch was a seemingly young woman who lived in a tower on the outskirts of Cumbleside in Gallantaria.[3]

On the door of the tower was a plaque engraved with the words "Dr Kauderwelsch - Diseases of the Mind".[4]

Behind that door and the smiling young face of Doktor Kauderwelsch was hidden a terrible secret, however. Obsessed with achieving immortality, the not-so-young Doktor Kauderwelsch had made the mistake of experimenting with lizard organisms, which began to take over her body - behind the false young visage was a horrible under-layer of scales. Desperate to escape this terrible fate, she built a creature of surgically-joined body-parts, the abominable Kauderwelsch Monster Conggo, into which she hoped to transplant her mind.[5]

Her plans were ruined when the tower burned to the ground, with her and the Kauderwelsch Monster in it.[6] However, her son, the so-called Doktor Welsch, managed to rescue his mother's brain from the smoking ruins and built a second Kauderwelsch Monster to house it.[7]

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