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The Kauderwelsch family of insane "Doktors" lived in Gallantaria.

Doktor KauderwelschEdit

Main article: Kauderwelsch (Doktor)

Doktor WelschEdit

Main article: Welsch

The Kauderwelsch MonstersEdit

Main article: Kauderwelsch Monster

Further NotesEdit

  • The Kauderwelsches were also to feature in the unpublished Fighting Fantasy book, Blood of the Mandrake, although in what guise is unknown.
  • Like many names from Gallantaria and Mauristatia, "Kauderwelsch" is a name of German-type (note also the German spelling of the title "Doktor"). In German, "Kauderwelsch" means "gibberish", although we need not assume that this is the intended meaning of the name in Fighting Fantasy.[1]

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  1. Legend of the Shadow Warriors - ???; Moonrunner - ???

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