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The Kauderwelsch Monsters were the abominable creations of the Kauderwelsch family.

Main article: Conggo
Main article: Kauderwelsch (Doktor)

There were two incarnations, made from the surgically-joined parts of other people's bodies. The first Kauderwelsch Monster, called Conggo, was created by Doktor Kauderwelsch to house her own mind,[1] and the second, referred to as "mother", was created by her son, Doktor Welsch, to house his mother's brain.[2]

The Kauderwelsch Monsters were shambling great monstrosities. The first monster was thought to be largely mindless, although rumours did circulate that it had caused the destruction of Doktor Kauderwelsch's tower after it realised what she had done in creating it. Both monsters were extremely powerful.

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