Keiko was an ambassador of Hachiman to the Isles of the Dawn, but owing to the treacherous official Pantu, news of her delegation never even reached the ears of King Maior.[1]

As she prepared to return to Hachiman, she encountered a young peasant who was preparing to petition the king, and requested that word of her presence be conveyed to him - still unaware of Pantu's deception - and granted him the wooden plaque indicating his newfound diplomatic status.

After this peasant spoke to the king and slew Pantu, he formally introduced Maior and Keiko, who swiftly entered long discussions relating to a potential trade agreement. However, so close and so long were these discussions, it became a matter of as-yet-unverified speculation as to whether more than a mere trade agreement would bind Hachiman and the Isles together.

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