Key Street is a street in Port Blacksand in the Merchant District.[1]

It runs in a loop beginning in Market Street, running west, then south then east along the city wall back to Market Street at the Main Gate. The southern portion of this street is sometimes separately referred to as "Lower Key Street" where most of the locksmiths are located including the famed Dwarf locksmith, J.B. Wraggins.[2]

On Key Street there is mugging ploy to have archers on each side of street. The victim is then threatened by a boy with a note.

Key Street has small cramped and dark houses.

It is rumoured that an extraordinary healer and his granddaughter are to be found on this street.

There is also said to be a Lizardine who resides in the bright red house on Key Street. In this house are red rooms where the Lizardine has a number of magical Scorpion Broaches.

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