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The ancient Khanate of Kabesh was an empire of central and northern Khul which had Kabesh as its capital. The Khanate lasted from around 1600OT to 1998OT, being utterly destroyed in the Great War against Chaos.[1]

It was under Khan Gyorgir that Kabesh began its growth in the 1600s expanding until Kabesh was the capital [[Cities of Titan|city]] of an empire which stretched from Kalagar in the north to Tak in the south. His was a benevolent rule though some say too tolerant for he did not mind who dwelt in his lands so long as they declared allegiance to him. Many Orcs and Goblins on the fringes of the Mountains of the Giants swore loyalty to his throne and were allowed to live in peace.

However, in the absence of a watchful eye they raided and slaughtered local villages and their inhabitants. When the Chaos-Spawn of the Dead City was released almost four centuries later it was the descendants of these Orcs and Goblins that were united under the leadership of dark sorcerers. They formed the main force of the army of Evil in Khul during the Great War. During this war Kabesh was destroyed and the power of the Khanate also.

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