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Kharnek, accursed city of warrior-kings.[1]

History of KharnekEdit

The history of Kharnek is shrouded in mystery. It is not known who lived there, or when the city met its end.

When was Kharnek at its zenith?

Who were the Warrior-kings?

When did Kharnek meets its destruction (i.e. when did it fall into the ravine)? It is described as "ancient", but there are still remnants of curtains, murals, wooden doors, metals and so on, perhaps suggesting it is not as old as the Splitting of Irritaria (over 1,200 years before 284AC).

Why is Kharnek now "accursed"?

Who (or what) do the 10,000 skulls and brains (385) belong to?

Why do the ancient soldiers of Kharnek come to the aid of Vymorna?

Denizens of Kharnek in 284ACEdit

Further NotesEdit

  • It seems likely that Kharnek is named after and partly inspired by the ancient Egyptian ruined temple complex, Karnak.

See AlsoEdit


  1. Battleblade Warrior - 190

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