Kilanirax was originally the servant of Glantanka.[1]

As co-creator of the Dragons with her, he became the Dragon King. Such was his importance during the First Battle that he was elevated to sit in the Upper Chamber of the Gods as one of the Greater Gods.

The constellation bearing his name can be seen in the Northern Skies of Titan. He is so depicted because of his courage during the First Battle. He is the only member of the Animal Court to do so. He is also seen as the nominal leader of the Animal Court because of his status.

Kilanirax realised the power of his creations early on. He also knew that were they to fight one another the results would be catastrophic for the world. Thus he invented the now ancient law that no Dragon could attack his original creations, directly or indirectly. His original creations are called the Ancient Dragons among whom were those Dragons subverted by the forces of Evil such as the Night Dragon. The writing of this law was such that it has carried through the ages. However, it does not prohibit subsequent generations of dragons attacking one another.

Kilanirax's most faithful servants on Titan are the Golden Dragons although all Dragons defer to his will.

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