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Work on the King's Highway was begun in 1629OT, the road travelling from Djiretta via the capital to Kelther to unify the kingdom.[1]

But due to frequent wars and the sheer scale of the project work took many years, although merchants made use of those parts that were finished along the way. Thus even the unfinished highway brought much prosperity.

The highway was built from either end toward a middle point. Because Shakista already had a decent road leading merchant routes to the capital the need for the highway there was least and left to the last. In 1702OT, 12th Nature's Curling (9th Hiding), work finally began on the King's Highway,[2] in Balaran, then a small town near the capital which was renamed Ximoran after the Great War against Chaos. This marked the last building phase of the highway and at the end of 1703OT it was finished.

Trade multiplied further due to this great road with merchants and other travellers making their way from the Shantak River in the north to Zagoula in the south. In some places little more than a dirt track these days, this still great road can be followed south as far as the port of Kelther at the mouth of the River Swordflow. To the north it makes a wide sweep east, away from Scorpion Swamp,[3] before heading north to the ancient city of Djiretta, on the Coast of Sharks.

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