The King of the Four Winds resides on the "Garden Island" of Trysta in the Inland Sea.[1]

By all appearances he appears to be a man, but there is some debate as to his true identity and form. For the title he bears is more than mere bravado or pomp. From those that have encountered this King, it seems that he truly does have some power over the four winds. He has been known to grant as gifts the power of any one or more of the winds and it has also been recorded by lucky survivors that he has used his command of the winds to destroy ships. Certainly, the sea-going powers of the Inland Sea do not cross the King, and the Island remains a peaceful garden paradise, untouched by war.

Some believe that he is the earthly incarnation of Pangara himself and that the winds he gives away are his sons. Others point out that even having given away such gifts the King still has power over the winds, and therefore the gifts cannot be the power of the North, East, South or West Winds in their entirety.

What seems likely is that the King is either a former hero or priest dedicated to Pangara, whose feats were such that Pangara blessed him with certain powers, but limiting his movements to the island of Trysta. That, or he is demigod in the service of Pangara. The winds he is able to command are small manifestations of the four great sons of Pangara who are bound to aid this King when he so desires by the decree of Pangara. The theory that the winds he commands are Air Elementals is questionable on the grounds that Elementals are not so easily controlled as to be given away as gifts and expected to remain obedient to their new masters. Whatever his true identity, beware the wrath of the King of the Four Winds.

Further NotesEdit

  • The King of the Four Winds is obviously inspired by Aeolus, Keeper of the Winds, in Homer's Odyssey.

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