The Kings of Amarillia were the rulers of the Kingdom of Amarillia during two centuries.

History Edit

The continent of Amarillia was united after the Great Wars, opposing the three provinces: Parnassa, Barrabang, and Grundia. A human warrior, Thorgar, success to unify Parnassa and Barrabang, and then conquers Grundia. At the Year of the Union, the whole continent where united under the rules of one monarch, the King of Amarillia, ruling his kingdom from Castle Argent, on Tower Island. Thorgar was the first one, until he abdicated to his son, Braxus. Krall was the twelfth and last ruling king of Amarillia [1].

The twelve Kings of Amarillia Edit

  1. Thorgar, first king of Amarillia.
  2. Braxus the First, son of Thorgar.
  3. Braxus the Second [2].
  4. Braxus the Third [2].
  5. Fifth king of Amarillia, first of the bloodline of the Regency [2].
  6. Sixth king of Amarillia.
  7. Crannden the Young [2].
  8. Braxus the Fourth, called the Disgracied [2].
  9. Thormgren the First [3] [4].
  10. Thormgren the Second [3] [4].
  11. Krall the Wise [5].
  12. Krall.

The successors of the Kings. Edit

After the defeat at Lake Faro against the Bone Demon, the wife, and the son of Krall claimed the crown, but, even after the defeat of the Bone Demon, the main parts of the continent remained under the rule of Zagor, and, if not, became more and more autonomous.

The known successors of the Kings of Amarillia are :

  • Hannara, sometimes referred as Hannibalina, wife of Kraal, and mother of Irian.
  • Irian, son of Kraal.
  • Heir of Irian.
  • Shabara, granddaughter of Irian [6].

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