Klarash III was perhaps the most powerful of the kings of Klarash.


Also known as the "Velvet Bear", the son of Klarash II took on his father's legacy and under him Klarash grew richer and more powerful. In his reign work was started on a new capital to be called Shakista. This was an attempt to move the kingship away from Buruna to a more central location. The reasoning was two fold, first to appease the possibility of arousing ire and suspicion from the nobles of the other city-states, second to be as close as possible to all frontiers. During the reign of Klarash III the greatest expansion of the kingdom took place. The borders were pushed northward to Anghelm by 1604OT and as far as Djiretta by 1607OT. Both of these cities ceded peacefully to Klarash and retained significant control over the northern lands. The kingdom's push south was hampered somewhat by the Goblins of Mlubz but eventually Klarash forced them back, deep into the forests of that region. Zagoula was founded in 1611OT at first as a garrison to keep watch over the Goblins. Klarash III died in an assassination whilst visiting Zagoula in 1612OT.

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