Kleinkastel is a frontier mining town of great wealth surrounded by fields and orchards.[1]

It sits in the forest just to the west of the top of the Klein Spur, the great westward spur of the Cloudhigh Mountains, which protrudes out from the main range roughly halfway along its length. Originally it was simply a frontier town with no pretensions of mining and was no more than two crossed streets, a quiet outpost of the Neubergers. However, once gold was found in the foothills to the east, the town's wealth and population grew, to the extent that the town now has its own suburbs and the Margrave of Kleinkastel has a castle. The once green hills are now bare brown, pockmarked with mine entrances and the Margrave has declared the forest within his demesne and all the villages in the surrounding hills also. Kleinkastel has made its money from both the money the miners bring in and from the control of the trade through the issue of Mining Licences. The monetary system of Kleinkastel is the same as all civilised towns in Transoxalia, e.g. Two Brass Coins are equal to one Silver Coin and two Silver Coins are equal to one Gold Coin.

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