Knives for Knifey-Knifey

Knifey-Knifey is a deadly gambling game banned in most areas of Allansia and is also known as Kharéan Roulette in Kharé.[1]

Rules and EquipmentEdit

The game is played with six seemingly identical blades. However, five of the six knives have retractable blades, and only one is real.

The six daggers lie on a table and two players face each other. In turn players must select one of the daggers and stab themselves in the chest with it. If the dagger is real then death is certain (the steel is specially hardened steel from Frostholm and never fails to hit its mark). If the dagger is a dummy it must be returned to the table and shuffled in with the other five. The game continues until one of the players is dead. The survivor claims the prize money that was at stake.[2]

See AlsoEdit


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