FF Korin
skill 6[1]
stamina 8[1]
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Dagger
Habitat Gornt
Number Encountered 1 (unique)
Type Human
Reaction Friendly
Intelligence High

Korin is a background character and possible ally in Legend of the Shadow Warriors.


Korin was a woman who lived in Gornt in Gallantaria in the years after the War of the Four Kingdoms. Five years following the war's conclusion, a troupe of Mandrakes under the command of the wizard Skarros infiltrated the town, and once their numbers had grown to sufficient strength, the Mandrakes attacked the town openly in order to create more of their kind. Korin was one of the few townspeople to escape them for the time being,[2] but eventually the whole town was blown to pieces by some of the townspeople with explosive powder in a suicidal bid to cleanse the town of the Mandrakes.[3]

Korin's fate following these cataclysmic events remains unknown.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Korin was a normal Human woman with no outstanding abilities.[1]

See AlsoEdit


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