Skull Coast Kraken
skill 10[1]
stamina 30[2]
Attacks  ???
Weapon Used Tenatcles, beak
Habitat Deep Ocean
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low
Nekros Kraken Tentacle
skill 6[3]
stamina 6[4]
Attacks  ???
Weapon Used Tentacle
Habitat Deep water
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

The Kraken is a gigantic Cephalopod, and is probably one of the largest sea-dwelling creatures on Titan.

The creature is legendary[5] and its actual existence is regarded with scepticism by some, who largely see it as the figment of a mariner's over-active imagination. Yet, in the deepest places of Titan's waters the Kraken is a vast, monstrous reality. It is a predatory animal, and no doubt its appetite must be large enough to service its massive body. The creature ensnares its prey with one or more of its tentacles, pulling or dragging the morsel towards its beak.[6]

Krakens in Titan are neither Giant Octopuses nor Giant Squids, but display enough of their characteristics to be some gargantuan relative of them. A Squid has ten limbs, an Octopus eight, however the number a Kraken possesses can vary. On the shores of Lake Nekros a Kraken with at least five tentacles was encountered,[7] while in the area of ocean just off the Skull Coast near Port Blacksand, a nine-tentacled Kraken was found.[8]

The predations of a Kraken are not confined to its aquatic environment - the creature is large enough to sometimes reach its tentacles across the shores, waylaying and devouring any morsels it is attracted to.[9] It does, however, have a vulnerability to, and a fear of, fire,[10] an element that must be totally alien to the creature.

There is also a Kraken known to be living in the lakes of the Spider Fens.[11]

Further InformationEdit

  • A Kraken is often referred to as the Kraken. This is probably because it's thought that, if a creature such as this does exist, it is the only one of its kind. Such is the creature's rarity, a pair or a group of Kraken have never been encountered, which only reinforces the perception that the beast is unique. This view is, nevertheless, mistaken, as there are at least three Kraken confirmed across Titan

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