Kristatanti locals[1]

Kristatanti is a small village of Hill Dwellers in the Shamutanti Hills in southern Kakhabad.[2]

The village has an ale-house, frequented by the locals (a mug of ale costs 1GP), and an inn, where a bowl of Skunkbear Stew costs 2GP and a bed for the night 3GP.[3]

The Hill Dwellers of Kristatanti are somewhat suspicious of outsiders, if not unfriendly, and they wear their hair long, "but piled up on their heads",[4] and "held in place by pins and bones".[5]

Kristatanti in the d20 ConversionEdit

In the d20 conversion, Kristatanti is a settlement established by Kristat, a miner from Dhumpus, after he found a silver field. Now, the field is exhausted, but a small community of 40 inhabitants remains and works on a new coal field. Most of the building are dug into the hillside, with the exception of the house of Kristat and the store belonging to Thorma Angimar. The Travellers' inn belongs to Damian Trudge and the ale-house is run by Braden Torrick. Vaughn, an old man, and the young village idiot are both regulars.[6]

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