Miphreas le Destructeur des Ames

the most recent depiction of the Infernal Beast

The Kurakil is a powerful Demon, also known as "The Infernal Beast", and as "Miphreas, The Soul Destroyer", who was trapped for two hundred years in the Casket of Shadows by Enthus the Martyr.[1]

The Tale of the First Battle reveals that Kurakil, the Demon Princes and two other demons named Rivel and Akragog where tasked to watch over Time during the First Battle, until it got destroyed by the Gods. The Tale also states that the Kurakil, Rivel and Akragog were of equal rank as the Demon Princes themselves, though it does not precise whether they are of the Snake Demons' or the Night Demons' rank.

After the defeat of Evil, the Kurakil escaped banishment and established himself in the Pit, like the rest of the Demon Kind. He then dwelt on Titan, causing hundreds of death whenever he walked the earth [2]until he was imprisoned.

In SpellbreakerEdit


The Infernal Beast is set free

The Kurakil serves as one of the two main antagonists of the 53rd book of the Fighting Fantasy series Spellbreaker, in which he is released by the Warlock Nazek during the night of Shekka's Moon and must be defeated before he wreaks havoc once more.

The player must close the Casket of Shadows before fighting the Infernal Beast, otherwise the Beast's demonic servants who were trapped alongside him will seal his or her doom. Using an item against him is useless and can be lethal. With Skill 12 and Stamina 18, the Kurakil is a fearsome enemy. After each Attack Round, the player must roll one die: 2 in 6 times the Beast will swipe his tail and deal 2 Stamina of additional damage.

With the Kurakil defeated and his spirit cast back to the Pit, the Player must then defeat Nazek.

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