Lagash is a rich city of the northern Inland Sea.[1]

Hostile towards the more degenerate Tak to the west, Lagash is ruled over by a Sultan, whose chief counsellor is the Wazi. The city retains a rich vein of religious devotion. It sits astride the Parine River and trades not only with its Inland Sea neighbours, but also from time to time with the northern cities of Khul.

In Ashkar the MagnificentEdit

In Ashkar the Magnificent, Lagash is huge city with 100,000 inhabitants, the centre of a great empire of a thousand towns. Its supreme ruler, first Ashkar, then Morkain, lives in a palace overlooking the city.[2]

Places in Lagash include:


  • Destruction of the pirates of Tak by Ashkar, one-hundred years before the events of Ashkar the Magnificent
  • Election of Ashkar as Autocrat of Lagash
  • Murder of Ashkar by Morkain

Further NotesEdit

  • Like a number of others names from the lands of the Inland Sea, Lagash is based on a name from ancient Mesopotamia - in this case the city Lagash.

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