Lake Mlubz is the great inland sea to the south of the forests of Transoxalia.[1]

It is to here that the rivers of the southern Cloudhigh Mountains flowed, and the northern shore of the lake marks the southern border of Transoxalia, although in truth there is no dominion of any nation over the great forest. The lake also marks the northern extent of the lands of the Peoples of the Southern Steppes. Named many ages ago by the Goblins, the lake has been home throughout that time to the mysterious Wizard of the Lake whose origins are unknown. However, his power is well appreciated and many have visited the lake to meet with him. The lake itself is known to cover over in a mysterious magical mist when approaching the Island of the Wizard, so that none know how to reach him without his knowing. As the forest thins north of Lake Mlubz the grass grows between the increasingly sparse trees, and on these grasslands herds of animals imperturbably graze.

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