A Lakewight is an undead humanoid creature.

When stacked at the bed of a lake, where deceitful magic operates, decomposed corpses may be raised as undeads by Demons, or Necromancers. Those creatures are called Lakewights, and are dreadful monsters [1]. Their bodies are bloated and covered in muddy slim and strands of rank vegetation. Their breath exhale a yellowish poisonous gas, that may kill instantly any living respiring it. When hurt, the wounds made to a Lakewight split spurs of acid liquid, and do not affect the creature [2].

An army of Lakewights stood at the bottom of Lake Faro, in Amarillia, and was raised by the Bone Demon, and used to defeat King Kraal armies. The Lakewights went on to fight for both the Bone Demon and Zagor.

References Edit

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