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Land-Blights can be literally generated by Death-Stones in order to prepare a Demonic invasion of the Earthly plane.[1]


A Land-Blight is kind of living building made of fleshy material, with a heart, a circulation system, chimneys emitting foul gases that poison and corrupt all surrounding area and a stomach similar to a living furnace shaped like a worm's mouth lined with sharp teeth where mind-dulling magic subdues human minds, persuading the human victims to enter the furnace quietly and with no resistance.[2]

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More information can be found at:Source[3]
Dead of Night (para27, para59, para69, para73, para80, para93, para101, para130*, para133, para141, para149, para164, para168, para176, para186, para191, para197, para207, para213, para220, pa ra227, para233, para239, para246, para252, para254*, para272, para280, para287, para305, para309, para315, para323*, para332, para346, para356, para377, para385)


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