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Location: Titan, Allansia
References: ??
Publication details
Author(s): Laurent Duquesne, Florent Haro, Inbadreams, Adrien Maudet
Illustrator(s): Malcolm Barter, Emmanuel, Jidus, Russ Nicholson
First published: March ?? 2013
Publication: Advanced Fighting Fantasy – The Roleplaying Game (French edition only)
Previous Module: The Hunt for the Black Whale
Next Module: Pit of Filth

Le Tambour de Gondrim (English lit.: The Drum of Gondrim) is a multi-player role-playing module written by Florent Haro, Inbadreams, Adrien Maudet and Laurent Duquesne, and illustrated by Russ Nicholson, Malcolm Barter, Emmanuel and Jidus. It was published in 2013 in the French version of Advanced Fighting Fantasy – The Roleplaying Game by Scriptarium.


The Scriptarium team who translated Advanced Fighting Fantasy into French wanted an additional campaign to allow players to discover part of the outside world of Titan given in the "World of Titan" chapter, since the two initiation adventures in the English version are set underground and show little of the richness of Titan. They chose to use very famous places of Allansia.


The campaign consists of three adventures, which can all be played on their own. The over-arching story deals with a long-lost magical instrument, the eponymous Drum of Gondrim, and the efforts of the heroes to prevent its use by an evil force to dominate all Allansia.



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TBA A mix of old FF and Trolltooth Wars illustrations and of new illustrations, including:

  • some unreleased and exclusive illustrations by Russ Nicholson
  • A detailed and 'canon only' map of South-eastern 'Old' Allansia by Jidus
  • Maps of the ground floor and underground levels of the Black Tower (including all the Citadel of Chaos and Trolltooth Wars rooms and corridors, with new ones), by Jidus

Intertextual ReferencesEdit

There's many references to several books, including The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The Citadel of Chaos, The Forest of Doom, Crypt of the Sorcerer, Creature of Havoc , the Chadda Darkmane trilogy or the Myriador Forest of Doom D20 System module. Some of the villages created by Marc Gascoigne in Shadowmaster have been quoted, the village of Oldcastle can even be visited, and some of its characters from the book met there. The location of these villages has been chosen crossing the different sources about the area between Chalice and Stonebridge, and using elements of the hypothesis of the Titannica page Geography of Shadowmaster.

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