skill not specified
stamina not specified
luck not specified
Preferred Weapon Magic
Homeland The Lost City of Vatos
Known associates Malbordus
Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Alignment Evil
Equipment Crescent-shaped black staff

Leesha, the High Priestess of Vatos, is the evil priestess of the cult worshipping an unspecified Dark God, who rules the lost city of Vatos. She is a very beautiful young woman living in luxury in a lavish palace, where armed disciple bodyguard her and where servants tend her every whim. She is cruel, ruthless, vain, haughty, condescending and extremely confident in her power, but also lazy and self-indulging, not to mention a coward who flees in abject terror at the mere prospect of danger.[1]

She loves art and organizes once every year a talent contest in which many artists come to Vatos to make her works of arts. The winner is awarded 300 gold pieces, but everyone else is sacrificed to her foul deities. She assisted Malbordus in his quest to find the five Dragon Statuettes.

Leesha masters magic and wields immense powers, being completely immune to all sort of offence, and able to paralyze her foes at once. The only weapon able to bypass her defensive spells is a Sandworm's tooth.

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