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Location: Mortvania
References: 167
Publication Details
Author(s): Mark Lain
Illustrator(s): N/A
Cover illustrator: N/A
First published: December 23rd 2014
Previous Adventure: N/A
Next Adventure: N/A

Legacy of the Vampire is an amateur Fighting Fantasy adventure by Mark Lain. It was first published online in 2014[1].


You are a lawyer by trade, although you have previous training as part of Salamonis’ vast army which means you know how to handle a blade should the need ever arise and, even after ten years in the legal business, you still always make certain to carry a short sword just in case you should need to defend yourself in the unsafe streets of Allansia’s townships.

Nowadays though, you much prefer the minutiae and detail (not to mention the relatively safe and lucrative nature) of legal bureaucracy and, only a fortnight ago, an interesting case was presented to you by the cherva who acts as your personal assistant. As a result, you have sought passage on a merchant ship from Allansia to the Old World – a journey that has taken the best part of the past two weeks and, you have noted in your journal, you cannot help feeling a sensation of having travelled from the West of Titan to the East as there are noticeable differences in both the land and the peoples of the Old World. The case is that of twin sisters Ingrid and Angharad Heydrich, who have lately inherited a run-down castle and its grounds in Mortvania, the region where, several generations ago, the Heydrich family is said to originally hail from.


The adventure in general follows the original rules set down in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (see Game System), with the addition of FAITH, which is a measure of your ability to deal with unsettling or disturbing situations.

Equipment ListEdit

  • Short sword
  • Backpack

Main CharactersEdit



Further NotesEdit

This adventure is a sequel/homage to Keith Martin’s Count Heydrich adventures, Vault of the Vampire and Revenge of the Vampire.


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