Lendleland is one of the major lands of the Old World, famous throughout Titan for producing the finest of all horses - whilst they are also the most expensive, reaching prices approaching 1000 GP - which will serve a person faithfully until death. However, it is also noted for being one of the least successful of the civilised lands, despite being one of the nations that received the legendary Crown of Kings many years ago.


Its people are poor and superstitious, its mining operations in the Crystal Lake are pitiful, its capital small and run-down, and its fishing grounds much less profitable than those of Femphrey in the Eelsea. Worst of all, tribes of Lendleland Barbarians inhabit its eastern hills and make regular raids on the outskirts of Femphrey and Mauristatia.

These raiders were primarily responsible for Lendleland's eastern neighbour, Analand, attempting to build a Great Wall around the entire country to protect itself. Despite this, the raiders were still able to demolish the entire first section of the wall and delay progress sufficiently to nearly bankrupt the entire country before the wall was physically completed.

Lendleland and Femphrey have been in a state of great agitation for decades because of these differences, despite the attempts of Chalanna the Reformer to resolve them, which included granting full rights of the Siltbed River to Lendleland as well as the gift of the Crown of Kings. However, the Siltbed is a poor prize, being tidal, so that there are a great many ships and barges and even simple fishing vessels that must all wait for high tide before rushing out to and back in from the sea. Furthermore, it is thick with minerals and waste from the Crystal Lake and thus not fit to drink.


The earliest recorded event in the lands that would later become Lendleland is the crossing of the Siltbed River on Fireday 27th of Freeze, 402OT, by Urdulph Pathfinder.[1] Since this event occurred before the Splitting of Irritaria (see Titan's Timeline), the Old World, never mind Lendleland, was not yet in existence and the geography of the region was doubtless considerably different from what it was in more recent times.

Otherwise, almost nothing is known of the early history of Lendleland, with the first record of it being in the 17th century OT, when a trade route became established between Royal Lendle in Gallantaria and Arkleton in Analand. Among the dangers faced by the caravans plying this route were horse-nomads and primitives in eastern Lendleland,[2] but whether or not Lendleland was a kingdom at this time is unknown.

Prior to that, the only other hint we have of the history of Lendleland is the occurrence of the place-name element "lendle" in two other places. Firstly, it occurs in the place-name Royal Lendle (formerly simply Lendle) in Gallantaria. It is said that this name was, in the time of Orjan the Builder, an old mountain-man word meaning "flat plain".[3] Given that much of Lendleland consists of flat plains, it seems very likely indeed that it is the same place-name element, with a similar meaning, in "Lendle-land". It is possible that this suggests a historical connection between Orjan's tribe and the plains that would later become Lendleland. Secondly, the name "Lendle" occurs in the name of a popular piece of theatre in Port Blacksand in north-west Allansia - Halfhand, Prince of Lendle.[4] What the connection is between this Lendle and Lendleland is again unknown, but since Halfhand is the surname of two of the earliest Human heroes in Titan, before the Splitting of Irritaria,[5] it is possible that this place-name element has a very long history indeed, and is one which has been around longer than the Old World itself.

Analand and the WallEdit

It seems that although Lendleland was not a major player in the War of the Four Kingdoms, it too got drawn into the conflict. There is, in fact, some debate as to whether Lendleland was one of the four kingdoms after which the War was named - in some sources, the kingdoms are named as Gallantaria, Femphrey, Brice and the Northlands,[6] whilst in one other source they are named as Brice, Gallantaria, Femphrey and Lendleland.[7] Nothing is known of the role played by Lendleland in the War - we can only guess as to whether it was an an independent operator, an ally of Femphrey's against the powerful Gallantaria, or an ally of Gallantaria's against the common enemy Femphrey.[8]

Siltbed RiverEdit

Crown of KingsEdit

Mordraneth and the ThreeEdit


Lendleland is a kingdom, and its capital is Pollua.[9] For relations between Lendleland and its neighbours, see History above.

Relations with BarbariansEdit


People from Lendleland include:


Places in Lendleland include:



See AlsoEdit

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