Lendleland barbarians

Lendleland Barbarians[1]

The Barbarians of the eastern hills of Lendleland are a group of unruly Humans who respect neither border nor authority, raiding the lands around, from Femphrey in the west to Analand in the east. It was raids by the Lendleland Barbarians which brought Lendleland to the brink of war with its eastern neighbour, Analand, ruled at the time by King Arkle XIX.

As a response to these and other raids, the Analanders began the construction of the Great Wall of Analand which, despite the best efforts of the Lendleland Barbarians, now protects much of Analand. Even so, the Lendleland Barbarians have repeatedly pounded the Great Wall and have been known to attack the less well protected Far Analand from time to time.[2]

The Lendleland Barbarians appear to be racially and culturally similarity to other nomadic and horse-riding peoples in Allansia and the Old World (e.g. the Tribesmen of the Flatlands and the Kazanid), and it is possible that they share a common origin.[3]

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