The Lexicon of Titan was founded as an ongoing project to create an archive of every locale, being, item and detail of the Titan world as presented in the Fighting Fantasy product range (ranging from the gamebooks and novels to the Advanced Fighting Fantasy and Warlock magazine publications). The Lexicon has for a long time been dormant with no updates since 2006.


The Lexicon was originally begun on the site by David Holt. It was an ambitious undertaking and was intended to develop and evolve into an exhaustive illustrated hypertext encyclopaedia. From its outset the webmaster emphasised that the lexicon was nowhere near completion and would remain for the foreseeable future a "work in progress".

When closed, or rather relocated to (FFG) to become the official website of the new Wizard Books release of the Fighting Fantasy franchise, the lexicon moved with it.

Updates did happen after this move and entries were promised on a weekly basis. However, updates quickly became few and far between and then slowly they ground to a halt with the last updates cited on the website as having been made on 6th July 2006 02:00 GMT.

Context and ApproachEdit

The webmaster of FFG wrote the following:

The lexicon is intended to be an illustrated encyclopaedia and you'll find many new illustrations of Allansia, the Old World and Khul appearing in the coming months. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, would like to see a particular entry let me know. We hope the Lexicon will become the largest reference to Fighting Fantasy™ on the Internet and you are welcome to voluntarily advise or correct entry continuity, spelling, grammar or link errors if any are discovered.

However, as already discussed, the updates stopped in 2006.

Source materialsEdit

David Holt, the FFG webmaster, clarified that the basis of the information presented would be from the following sources:

Additionally, however, the Lexicon contained entries that were not from these canonical sources. A number of entries were sourced from extensions and developments of the Titan world designed by the FFG webmaster. The status of this extra information is debatable now that the Official website is under new management.


In total the lexicon had 51 articles that had been written to varying degrees of completeness, with some containing illustrations and maps, but not all. These 51 articles are covered by Titannica.

Article Headings that had a Lexicon EntryEdit

The following as a list of the 51 entries that the Lexicon had an entry for. Those in blue have a Titannica article. Those in red do not, and need one.

Article Headings that had a Lexicon Heading but No EntryEdit

There were a further 346 headings that were identified as needing articles but were never populated with entries. These are made up of a mixture of canon-based and apocrypha-based headings. They are listed below. Those is blue have a Titannica article. Those in red do not, and need one in line with Titannica's goal of becoming comprehensive:

See AlsoEdit


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