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This is a list of Settlements found across Titan.

It is likely that the list is incomplete. Please note that this list differs from the List of places in Allansia; List of places in Khul; and List of places in The Old World because it is settlements only and does not include other geographic features.

Name Type State Continent Ruler
Agra City Agra Allansia
Alkemis City Alkemis Allansia
Anghelm 0 Klarash Khul
Anvil Village [[]] Allansia
Arion City Arion Khul King Jonthane
Arkleton City (capital) Analand Old World
Ashkyos City Ashkyos Khul Marshal Lakatos
Assur City Assur Khul
Astonbury Village Gallantaria Old World
Atlantis City Ruins n/a Western Ocean n/a
Axmoor Village Gallantaria Old World
Bakulan City Shabak Allansia
Bei-Han City Bei-Han Allansia
Benari Village Varadian Alliance Arrowhead Islands
Bogomil 0 Kazan Khul
Buruna City Klarash Khul
Calah City Calah Khul
Canunie 0 Lendleland Old World
Capra Town None Allansia
Carnex Town None Allansia
Carsepolis Ruins n/a Allansia n/a
Casper Town Gallantaria Old World
Caverndown Village None Khul
Chalannabrad City (capital) Femphrey Old World
Chalice City Chalice Allansia King Pindar
City of Mazes 0 Brice Old World
Colton-on-the-Marsh Village Gallantaria Old World
Coppertown 0 None Allansia
Corda City Corda Khul
Cornerstone Village Chiang Mai Allansia
Coven Village None Allansia
Crowford Village Gallantaria Old World
Crystal City 0 Femphrey Old World
Cumbleside Village Gallantaria Old World n/a
Djiretta City Klarash Khul
Dree Village None Allansia
Dunningham Village Gallantaria Old World
Eacham Village Gallantaria Old World
Eerieside 0 Femphrey Old World
Fang Town (capital) Chiang Mai Allansia Baron Sukumvit
Fangthane City (capital) Dwarven Nation Allansia King Namurkill
Fenmarge Village Klarash Khul
Festham 0 Klarash Khul
Fickling Town Gallantaria Old World
Forrin Town Gallantaria Old World
Gebaan Village Kallamehr Allansia
Gorak Capital Gorak Khul
Gornt Town Gallantaria Old World Burgomeister Ennian
Govanthian Village None Khul
Grimmund Village None Allansia
Gummport City Analand Old World
Halak City Halak Allansia
Harabnab 0 Ruddlestone Old World
Hasrah Town Kallamehr Allansia
Hulugu 0 Kazan Khul
Hustings Village Gallantaria Old World
Hyennish Village None Khul
Ismater Village None Allansia
Kaad Town None Allansia Mayor Habul Morgent
Kabesh Ruins n/a Khul n/a
Kalagar 0 [[]] Khul
Kalima 0 Klarash Khul
Kallamehr City Kallamehr Allansia Lady Carolina
Kamadan Town Kallamehr Allansia
Karnstein Village Gallantaria Old World
Kaynlesh-Ma City (capital) Arantis Allansia
Kazilik 0 Kazan Khul
Keladon Village Varadian Alliance Arrowhead Islands
Kelther 0 Klarash Khul
Khare City None Old World
Kharnek Ruins n/a Allansia n/a
Klein Kastel Town Klarash Khul
Kirkuk Town None Khul
Kish City Kish Khul
Klisdon Town Gallantaria Old World
Konichi City (capital) Hachiman Khul
Korkut 0 Kazan Khul
K'rrstal City Caarth Empire Allansia
Lagash City Lagash Khul
Marad City Marad Khul
Marzail Village None Allansia
Meerham Village None Allansia
Merluk City None Allansia
Mirewater Village None Allansia
Narbury Village Gallantaria Old World
Neuburg 0 Klarash Khul Baron Tholdur
Oakhill Village Gallantaria Old World
Oldcastle Village None Allansia Norska Val
Outpost Village Analand Old World
Pollua City (capital) Lendleland Old World
Port Blacksand City Port Blacksand Allansia Lord Varek Azzur
Port Borgos Town Varadian Alliance Arrowhead Islands
Port of Crabs 0 Ruddlestone Old World
Port Vernale City (capital) Varadian Alliance Arrowhead Islands
Puss 0 Lendleland Old World
Quill 0 Brice Old World
Rahasta Village None Khul
Rentarn Town None Allansia
Rimon City Rimon Allansia
Rorutuna 0 Lendleland Old World
Royal Lendle City (capital) Gallantaria Old World
Salamonis City Salamonis Allansia King Salamon
Sardath City Sardath Allansia
Scarton 0 Analand Old World
Shakuru City None Khul
Sharrabbas City (capital) Kazan Khul
Shattuck Village Gallantaria Old World
Shazaar City None Allansia
S'hchtiss City Caarth Empire Allansia
Shurrupak City Shurrupak Khul
Siltport Town Varadian Alliance Arrowhead Islands
Silur Cha City (capital) Lizard Man Empire Allansia
Silverton Town None Allansia Mayor Owen Carralif
Stanford Village Gallantaria Old World
Stittle Woad (Eren Durdinath) Village Elven Nation Allansia
Stonebridge Village Dwarven Nation Allansia King Gillibran
S'turrak City Caarth Empire Allansia
Svistraum 0 Klarash Khul
Tak City Tak Khul
Tannatown 0 Femphrey Old World
The Dead City Ruins n/a Khul n/a
The Forbidden Fortress City (capital) Brice Old World
Tìranduil Kelthas (Darkside) City (capital) Dark Elven Nation Allansia King Eilden Kerithrion
Traole City (capital) Isles of the Dawn Isles of the Dawn
Uruz 0 Kazan Khul
Vatos Ruins n/a Allansia n/a
Vymorna City Vymorna Allansia Queen Perriel
Vynheim City None Allansia
Warpstone 0 Dwarven Nation Allansia
Weddonbridge Village Gallantaria Old World
Weirtown Town Gallantaria Old World
Willowbend Village Klarash Khul
Wolftown Town None Allansia
Ximoran City (capital) Klarash Khul
Yaziel Village None Khul
Yigenik 0 Kazan Khul
Zagoula Ruins n/a Khul n/a
Zamarra City Zamarra Khul
Zengis City (capital) Kaypong Allansia Baron Cognoy

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