Living Corpse

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Living Corpse
skill 6 (see special abilities)
stamina 6 (see special abilities)
Habitat Dungeons and Ruins
Number Encountered 1-3
Type Undead
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average

Living Corpses are known to be found in Kakhabad as well as across other lands of Titan. Perhaps animated in a similar fashion as a Zombie such a comparison ends there due to the unnatural ability of the Living Corpse to defend itself against attack.

Special AbilitiesEdit

If an adventurer lands a blow upon a Living Corpse it will split up into constituent parts of a body, which must be each defeated in combat in order to finally end the undead life of a Living Corpse.[1]

Living Corpse
Die Roll Body Part skill stamina
1 Head 3 1
2 Body 2 1
3 Left arm 3 1
4 Right arm 3 1
5 Left leg 3 1
6 Right leg 3 1

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