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Although there is no evidence in The Dark Usurper that the Duchy of Skeln is in Titan, Fighting Fantasy fans have suggested that it is located in Titan.[1] Because of the adventure's Celtic (mostly Welsh) nomenclature and the mention of "Crusades" in The Dark Usurper, these suggestions have largely involved the Old World, particularly its northern half, in or around Gallantaria and Ruddlestone. Ruddlestone or adjacent parts to Mauristatia in particular seem likely candidates, given the Celtic (mostly Welsh) nature of many names there and the history of Crusades against Chaos in that area.[2]

However, arguably, Corwin Calbraith, Duke of Skeln, is not likely to be a nobleman from Mauristatia, as he is mentioned to have fought "at the side of his King".[3] But there is no King in Mauristatia, as in this country there are only pettily feuding principalities.[4]

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