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The Long Ships of the Stargazers were found in the centre of the great marsh of Deathmoor.[1]

This is the tiny remnant of the lost inland sea of the Stargazers. It is said that on the edge of the lake a hero found a small skiff, of ancient design but beautifully preserved, which provided passage to an ancient longship of the Stargazers which had been used for a royal burial.

In this longship was a prince in whose hand was held a metal cylinder with a sun engraved on it. This cylinder was an ancient and powerful talisman of the Stargazers who governed their lands by references to the Stars, Sun and Moon. The Stargazers, living around the inland sea were mariners although never possessing the same level of skill as those who travelled and do travel now upon the great oceans of Titan. However, the sea sat at the heart of their land and the longships were of beautiful design and craftsmanship.

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