Loth was a leader of the ancestors of the people of Neuberg before they became field ploughers and town-dwellers.[1]

He was their leader when they still resided in the far north. His skill in battle was only equalled by his pride and self-love. These latter traits led Loth to set up images of himself to worship. The most worshipped god of the northern peoples was Oiden and this god presented to Loth a talisman which made him stronger in combat for its light befuddled all enemies, especially Hellspawn. However, Oiden was dismayed by Loth's self love which detracted from his worship and the Talisman was made so that the wearer would never be able to look in a mirror while wearing the talisman for it would destroy them. It is said that this was Loth's downfall. Despite his failings he was still held in high esteem by his ancestors.

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