The different kinds of Lotus Flowers are known across Titan for their large, colourful blooms, many of which possess mysterious properties.

The Lotus Flower is usually an aquatic plant, but some varieties can be found growing on hillsides, or even as trees in forested glades. They can be recognized by their big leaves, fragrant flowers, a broad, rounded, perforated seed pod, and fleshy rhizomes.


The first mention of Lotus Flowers in canon was in City of Thieves.[1] They were a part of the compound prescribed by the wizard Arakor Nicodemus to rub into the eyes of the Night Prince Zanbar Bone, in order to destroy him.[2] These Lotus Flowers were later described as those of the Black Lotus.[3] However, a plant with the same name, but vastly different properties, had already been named from the Shamutanti Hills in Kakhabad, which was an ocean away in the Old World.[4] As a result, there would appear to be at least two different kinds of Black Lotus existing on Titan.

Since then, many other kinds of Lotus Flower have also been described - some based on extrapolation from canon and some directly mentioned by name.

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  • The "lotus position" is a common position for meditations and trances in Khul.[5]

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